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The Nurtured Nest Reggio Forest Preschool opened its doors in July 2021. We believe that the very best nature play comes from the child, not from the adult! At our space, there are no formal objectives and few rules for nature play. It is the kind of play that actively engages kids with nature and its elements. Schedule a tour now!

14th & 15th July 2021

Ocean Exploration Inquiry

To celebrate Shark Awareness Day, Nurture Nest is offering a two day Ocean Exploration Inquiry for children to come over and explore the many ocean themed play experiences we have set up.

21st & 22nd July 2021

Nature Field Trip

The Nurtured Nest Reggio Forest Preschool will open its doors in July 2021. We're organising an exploration camp this month to introduce the language of clay! The cold, messy, earthy aroma of clay will activate all your child’s senses. Join us this Summer in our Clay! Exploration Camp.

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