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A living classroom like no other!

Our setting is far from your usual one. Children spend hours outdoors daily, rain or shine, in our Natural Playscapes designed by a Nature Specialist. A diverse range of experiences take place when children are outdoors. Children experience the ever-changing landscape, weather, flora and fauna offered by the natural environment and the opportunities for storytelling and story-making as part of our Forest Classroom visits which we conduct weekly.


Created for children and families

Purpose-built and designed in collaboration with an architect, spatial designers, landscape professionals and early childhood professionals, makes Nurtured Nest the unique centre it is.

  • Every decision in the design process puts children’s needs and aspirations first
  • We believe children respond to beauty, so our centres are created for functionality and aesthetics, with colour, form and shape considered in every artwork, decor choice and material
  • Our  centre champions opportunities to get up close and personal with the great outdoors. Airy, spacious interiors flow seamlessly into large, luscious outdoor areas with nature-inspired play space.


We love the world we live in and we know you do too. That’s why we’re committed to minimising the social and environmental impact of supply chains. Like you, we try to purchase goods and services with this in mind.

We are a school that uses toxin-free cleaning materials and systems that reduce your child’s risk of coming into contact with harmful toxins and chemicals.

All our resources are curated by our founder and the people who work with them every day - your children’s teachers. They’re passionate about building a unique, high-quality, toxin-free resource and equipment collection you can trust. These include BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free equipment and high quality toys that use natural dyes and oils. Even better, we include many natural materials: stone, metals, wood, clay, plants as well as second hand and repurposed items.